Welcome to the exciting world of Permanent Cosmetics Classes and Training. Beyond Esthetics will be with you every step of the way in your career as a Permanent Cosmetics professional in Ohio and surrounding areas. We offer beginning and continuing education programs for technicians of all skill levels in Permanent Makeup classes.  We also offer technical support for practicing technicians for procedures as well as pigment and product choices.

Permanent Cosmetics Classes – Microblading

Eyebrow feathering or microblading tattoo technique has been used for decades to create simulated hair strokes for clients.  The technique requires artistic ability and understanding of skin types, coloring and facial structure. The Permanent Cosmetics Class in Microblading at Beyond Esthetics is just one of several we offer in Mansfield, Ohio.

In this thorough course you will learn:
•    Lighting/Table Setup
•    Microblading Tools
•    Pigments
•    Practicing Hair Strokes
•    Skin Anatomy
•    Tattooing Over Scars
•    Microblading Technique and Styles
•    Aftercare

Operating as an ethical tattooist requires continuous education and an ongoing development.  Those who prevail and stay on in this career often find their profession highly rewarding.
The price for this class is $2500.00