Cryo Chamber
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Cryo Chamber targets:
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Burns Calories
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Reduces Inflammation
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Reduces Lactic Acid
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Reduces Muscle Fatigue
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Releases Endorphins
{"Id":58,"Name":"Temporarily Tightens Skin","Description":Null,"Created At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Pivot":{"Service Id":15,"Treatment Id":58},"Image":{"Id":258,"Imageable Type":"App\\Models\\Treatment","Imageable Id":58,"Url":"Images\/Treatments\/Zkpcqfcg7Vq5Tuzgo0Liwjgcs1Y80L-Metadgvtcg9Yyxjpbhlfdglnahrlbnnfc2Tpbl8Yntaucg5N-.Png","Tag":"Treatment","Created At":"2022-04-11T14:13:07.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T14:13:07.000000Z"}} Image
Temporarily Tightens Skin
The Cryo Chamber lowers the body surface temperature. The response of the brain area ultimately triggers the release of B-endorphins, anti-inflammatory molecules and increases the total anti-oxidative status of the body.
What is Cryo Chamber?

Our Cryo Chamber uses subzero temperatures to activate your body’s natural healing ability by creating a flight or flight response. Blood gets redirected away from the small blood vessels in your bodies extremities and into your vital organs. 

The body supercharges the blood with anti-inflammatory proteins, endorphins and oxygen which speeds up the rate of tissue repair and reduces inflammation. It also give you a major boost to your body’s metabolic rate.

Benefits you can expect are:

  • relief of aches, pains, soreness from daily life or sports injuries
  • reduction of inflammation from conditions like fibromyalgia and arthritis
  • improved mood and increased energy
  • oxygen levels and blood detoxification
  • repair cellular damage and aids in recovery after workout
  • increases circulation which leads to increased metabolism
  • collagen and immune system boost
  • burn between 500-800 calories per session
All The Details
+ - How Many Treatments Will I Need?

It is recommended to undergo a cryotherapy session not more than once a day. The severity of condition you are receiving treatment for will determine how often you should use the chamber. 

+ - Does Cryo Chamber Hurt?

The process is completely tolerable, yet the body interprets the extreme cold as a threat to its wellbeing. The temperature receptors in the skin send this information to the brain (hypothalamus area), which responds with an attempt to restore balance.

The first step the body takes to protect its core temperature, is to redirect blood from superficial vessels and capillaries in the skin towards deeper structures. This causes blood to flow from the periphery towards the central core.

After completion of the treatment, the body reheats itself through vasodilation. The vessels and capillaries expand up to four (4) times their normal diameter. This causes a significant increase in blood flow to the skin and extremities, enriching cells with oxygen and enzymes to a much greater degree than under normal balanced conditions.

Β-endorphins, which act as the body’s natural morphine, are released. This has a pain relieving effect throughout the whole body and also creates a sense of euphoria.

+ - How Much Does It Cost?

First Time Treatment $25

Single Treatment $50

Three Package $99

Monthly Package $299

5 Package $100 {student athletes only}

+ - What To Avoid With Chamber Appointment?

Prior to treatment avoid exercise or sweating. If you arrive with perspiration, please let us know and we will provide a towel for you to completely dry off. 

Also, avoid any metal inside the chamber. If you have piercings please remove them prior to entering or check with us if they will be okay inside the chamber. 

Females can wear sports bras {no underwire}.

Don't Take Our Word For It
Here’s what our patients have to say about this service.

"After getting one treatment before my track meet I ran my fastest time by .8 seconds, which is a lot when you’re a sprinter!
I definitely recommend the Cryo Chamber at Beyond Esthetics and will keep going back!"

- BE Beauty

"Great services and results. knowledgeable, friendly and professional staff."

- Filipe
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